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Green Park Villas 2 is essentially a low-cost housing development. It comes with an affordable package price, which also makes it accessible to more Filipinos. But when people hear the phrase “low cost housing”, most would equate it to low quality or lack of amenities. However, neither is true for Homemark Inc’s Green Park Villas 2. There is a decent amount of facilities and amenities that you can enjoy that will give more value to your investment, aside from the fact that the cost of procuring this home is cheaper than anything you will ever find nowadays.

There is an adequate amount of amenities available at Green Park Villas 2 that would add more convenience to the residents. It is important to set your expectations to a realistic level. Given that this is a low-cost housing, these amenities are designed to add value to the community and bring convenience to homeowners. Do not expect to find luxurious amenities you would mostly find in exclusive real estate communities.

The main feature available at Green Park Villas 2 is the entrance gate with guard house. The entrance gate, though not as grand as you would find in exclusive subdivisions, is manned by security personnel. Therefore, you can guarantee that the safety and security of the homeowners are protected at all times. You do not need to live in an expensive subdivision in order to feel secure – at Green Park Villas 2, your safety and security will be a priority.

In addition to an entrance gate, the entire subdivision is also supported by a centralized water system. This system is developed to ensure efficient water distribution throughout the community, along with the development of an efficient underground drainage system. The entire subdivision is also developed with wide concrete roads and alleys. This makes it feel more spacious and comfortable for your family to live in. Even when the housing units are of a townhouse configuration, you will never feel like you do not have your own private space.

On top of an efficiently developed community with all of the essential facilities, Green Park Villas 2 also offers a few leisure amenities. One example is the Clubhouse. This is a small clubhouse and cannot be compared to luxurious ones on high-end developments. Nonetheless, this clubhouse is suitable as a social venue for gatherings and other special occasions.

Another great amenity available for homeowners to use at Green Park Villas 2 is the basketball court. It has become a standard for modern housing developments – low cost or not. Therefore, you can take full advantage of it because this amenity is open for all residents to use. This full-sized court can also be converted for other uses that would benefit the homeowners.

The water and electrical lines are already set in place and ready to connect to your chosen provider upon moving in. All residents will be charged a nominal fee of PhP 5,000 to cover for the water and electrical connection. Speaking of electrical facilities, the entire subdivision’s electrical system is powered by MERALCO.  

  • Entrance Gate with guardhouse
  • Clubhouse and basketball court
  • Centralized water system
  • Wide Concrete Roads and Alleys
  • MERALCO Electrical Facilities
  • Underground Drainage System
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